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Phillip Goodhand-Tait started out playing with The RoyPhilians (at Pewley School, later to become George Abbot,) in Guildford but also made some appearances as Phil Tone with the Midnighters or Phil Tone and the Vibrants.

October 29th T.A. Drill Hall, Walton Road, Woking, Surrey
Dance for the 5th Bn. The Queens Royal Regt.

January: 9th Merrow Youth Club, Merrow Village Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
31st British Legion Club, Wood Street, Guildford, Surrey.
February: 4th Drill Hall, Woking, Surrey
14th British Legion Club, Wood Street, Guildford, Surrey.
17th Rock Group Competition, Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
March: 11th Bushy Hill Tenants Assoc. dance, Merrow, Guildford.
April: 7th Camberley, Surrey.
8th Bushy Hill Tenants Assoc. dance, Merrow Village Hall.
10th Merrow Youth Club, Guildford, Surrey.
18th British Legion Club, Wood Street, Guildford, Surrey.
24th Merrow Youth Club, Guildford, Surrey. *Witnessed by Jenny Newell – journalist Surrey Advertiser (published 26th April)
May: 5th Camberley, Surrey.
8th Aldershot, Hampshire.
9th Stoke Youth Club, Guildford, Surrey.
July: 8th Boxgrove Rovers F.C. dance, Guildford, Surrey.
29th Boxgrove Rovers F.C.dance, Guildford, Surrey.

P.G-T joined with Ivor Shackleton –guitar, Kirk Riddle – bass & Paul Demers – drums to form
Paul Demers

2nd Eastleigh Town Hall, Hampshire. (As Phil Tone & the Midnighters)
October: 13th Farncombe Youth Club, Surrey
23rd Merrow Youth Club, Guildford, Surrey.
28th Effingham Village Hall, Surrey.
November: 1st Farncombe Youth Club, Surrey.
18th Farncombe Youth Club, Surrey.
December: 2nd Odeon Cinema, Guildford, Surrey.
23rd Friary Brewery dance, Guildford, Surrey.
30th Friary Brewery dance, Guildford, Surrey.

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January: 4th Ewhurst Youth club.
13th Elstead
20th Private – children’s party.
February: 3rd Farncombe Youth Club.
19th Merrow Youth Club
(Reviewed by Pat Knight for the Guildford & Godalming Times)
March: 3rd Peppermint Lounge, Guildford.
17th Private – Ken’s, Leapale Lane, Guildford.
24th Private – Kirk Riddle’s school
April: 11th Clandon Youth club.
18th Clandon Youth club
19th Bellfields Youth club, Guildford
21st Amesbury, Wiltshire. Durrington Youth hall.
23rd Farncombe Youth club
28th Effingham.
May: 5th Crashed on the way to Portsmouth Guildhall
to see Jerry Lee Lewis /Johnny Kidd & the Pirates.
12th St. Augustine’s hall, Holly Road, Aldershot.
16th Clandon Youth club
June: 11th Hascombe Jamboree, Surrey.
15th Clandon Youth club
23rd Clandon Youth club
July: 7th Elstead.
8th Pink Lounge, Aldershot.
14th Hayling Island.
15th Pink Lounge, Aldershot.
September: 26th Clandon Village Hall, Surrey.
29th C.J.M.A. St. Augustine’s Hall, Aldershot.
October: 3rd Clandon Youth club, Surrey.
6th Rugby club, Godalming, Surrey.
20th Charlotteville Youth club.
27th Wedding Reception, Worplesdon, Surrey.
November: 3rd Clandon Village Hall, Surrey.
10th Charlotteville Youth club.
25th Imperial Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire.
29th Bellfields Youth club, Guildford, Surrey
30th C.J.M.A., Town Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire.
December: 1st Guildford & Godalming rugby Club dance.
Group signs with the Michael G. Burton Agency to be represented by Mike Gee based at 19, Highland Close, Belle Vue Road, Aldershot, Hants.
2nd C.J.M.A. Imperial Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire.
10th Butacca Club, Woking, Surrey
12th Student’s Union, Technical College, Guildford.
19th Bordon, Hampshire
21st North Street Youth club dance, Guildford.
22nd Oxfam Dance, Guildford. (“Plenty of Christmas spirit” published in the Surrey Advertiser newspaper)

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January: 1st Silver Blades Ice Rink, Streatham High St. London SW16.
4th County School for Girls dance, Guildford, Surrey
7th Butacca Club, Woking, Surrey.
10th Godalming Youth club, Surrey.
13th Imperial Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire.
26th Trades and Labour club, Guildford
27th Imperial Hall, Farnborough, Hampshire.
31st Bellfields Youth club, Guildford, Surrey.
February: 14th Godalming Youth club, Surrey.
16th St. Michael’s Hall, Aldershot.
20th The Jazz Cellar, 27, Ashdown Road,
Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.
23rdSt. Michael’s Hall, Aldershot.
March: 3rd Tunsgate Club, Guildford, Surrey
8th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey.
9th Godalming Youth club, Surrey.
11th Farnham Youth club, Regal Cinema, Hampshire
15th Burn’s Green, near Horsham, Surrey.
21st The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames
22nd Dance, Silver Ring Hall, Grandstand, Ascot.
30th The Freeholders, private wedding.
April: 1st Sunningdale Parish Hall.
3rd Assembly Rooms, Union Street, High Barnett.
5th Chessington Youth club, Surrey.
10th Clandon Youth club, Surrey.
12th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
19th private party, Haslemere, Surrey.
20th Widlesham club and Institute, Bagshot.
22nd Farnham Youth club.
25th Bellfields Youth club, Guildford
27th Charlotteville Youth club.
May: 1st Congregational Hall, North Street, Guildford, Surrey
2nd Godalming Youth club.
3rd Aldershot
13th Victoria Foundry Social club
15th West Clandon Youth club
18th Co-op dance, Onslow Hall
24th Memorial Hall, Cookham, Berkshire.
25th Winners of the Surrey Rock Competition
30th Naafi Club, Aldershot, Hampshire
31st Fernhill Secondary School dance,
Neville Duke Road, Farnborough.
June: 1st North Street Youth club, Guildford.
6th Naafi Club, Aldershot
7th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey
8th Bisley Youth club
14th Naafi Club, Aldershot.
15th Hartney Witney Village Hall, Hants.
19th Fleet Carnival, Hampshire
21st (Watched the Beatles Package Show at the Odeon Theatre, Guildford, Surrey.)
22nd T.A. Hall, Alton, Hampshire
26th Hale Institute, Farnham, Surrey
27th Naafi Club, Aldershot
28th Petersfield Town Hall.
29th Crookham Memorial Hall.
July: 1st Victoria Foundry, Alton, Hampshire
2nd The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
5th Farnham Youth club.
6th Congregational Youth club, Stoke Hill,
Bellfields, Guildford, Surrey.
11th Basingstoke Carnival.
12th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
August: 5th Hale Institute, Upper Hale, Surrey.
8th Godalming Youth club
10th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
11th Naafi Club, Aldershot
15th Naafi Club, Aldershot
16th The Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
17th Hartney Witney village hall.
25th Naafi Club, Aldershot.
29th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
30th Rock & Twist Special, Community Centre, Woodham Lane, New Haw, Surrey
31st Clandon Youth club, Surrey.
September: 1st Naafi Club, Aldershot.
2nd Victoria Foundry Social club, Alton.
3rd The Rave Club, Colman Institute,
London Road, Redhill, Surrey
5th Naafi Club, Aldershot.
6th Memorial Hall, Hartney Witney.
12th Godalming Youth club.
13th Bisley Youth club
15th Naafi Club, Aldershot
16th Young Farnham Youth club.
19th Naafi Club, Aldershot
21st Ashstead
24th Won 1st heat of the All England Beat Competition, Plaza ballroom, Guildford.
26th Bellfields Youth club, Guildford.
27th 61 Club, Fernhill School, Farnborough.
28th Stoke Hill Youth club, Guildford, Surrey.
29th Naafi Club, Aldershot
October: 5th East Horsley W.I.Hall, Surrey.
6th Naafi Club, Aldershot
10th Godalming Youth club
11th Farnborough Town Hall
12th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
13th Co-op Hall, Station Road, Addlestone.
15th Chobham Village Hall
16th Petersfield Town Hall
17th Naafi Club, Aldershot
18th Hale Institute, Farnham
19th Congregational Youth club, North St. Guildford.
22nd Mini Grill, Alton
24th Naafi Club, Aldershot
25th Hartney Witney
26th Charlwood
27th Co-op Hall, Addlestone
31st Naafi Club, Aldershot.
November: 1st East Horsley, W.I.Hall, Surrey.
2nd Godalming Youth club
4th Rock & Twist dance, Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey
8th Fetcham Village Hall.
9th Ipswich
14th Onslow Youth club
15th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey
16th Farnborough Technical College dance.
22nd Hale Institute
24th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
25th East Ham Granada, London
28th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey
29th East Horsley village hall
30th Clandon Youth club, Surrey.
December: 5th Flamingo Club, Wardour St., London W.1.
6th Dukes Head Hotel, Addlestone.
7th Churt Village Hall
12th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
13th Naafi Club party, Aldershot.
14th Petersfield Town Hall.
17th Farnborough School dance.
18th Alton school.
19th Brookwood Memorial Hall, Surrey.
20th Fernhill school, Farnborough.
21st Charlotteville Youth club.
23rd Alton Foundry, Hampshire.
24th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
27th St.Nicholas Hall, Onslow Youth club.
28th The Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on –Thames.

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January: 4th Haslemere Hall,Surrey
7th Stereo Club, Co-op Hall, Woking, Surrey.
11th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
12th Naafi Club, Aldershot.
17th Assembley Rooms, Farnborough. (with Cliff Bennett)
Steve Howard (tenor sax) joined to expand the Stormsville


18th Holy Trinity Hall, Guildford, Surrey (for Oxfam)
19th Central Ballroom, Aldershot (with Brian Poole)
24th Hale Institute, Hale.
25th Churt Village Hall.
February: 1st Charlotteville Youth club
2nd Angel Hotel, Farncombe.
7th Stereo Club, Woking.
8th Petersfield Town Hall.
Dick Forcey (drums) replaced Paul Demers.

11th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames
14th Farnborough Town Hall.
15th Chiddingfold Village Hall.
16th 2 Is Coffee Bar, London.
17th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey.(Guildford & District Meat Trades dinner)
19th Recording, West Hampstead, London W6.
20th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
21st Decca Recording Audition
23rd Angel Hotal, Godalming, Surrey.
27th Liphook Village Hall.
28th Hounslow Baths, Treaty Road,Hounslow.
29th Memorial Hall, West St., Farnham.
March: 3rd Stereo Club, Woking, Surrey.
6th Rugby Club dance, Godalming, Surrey.
7th Epsom Baths, Epsom, Surrey.
8th Naafi Club, Aldershot.
9th Musicians Union Dance, Civic Hall, Guildford.
12th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
13th Stereo Club, Woking, Surrey.
14th T.A. Centre, Sanfield Terrace, Guildford, Surrey.
27th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames. (with Jerry Lee Lewis)
28th Drill Hall, Farncombe.
April: 1st Decca Recording Test. Studio 1, West Hampstead, London NW6.
3rd Assembly Rooms, Alton.
4th Charlotteville Youth club.
8th Empire Ballroom, Borden, Hampshire.
10th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
11th Young Farmers dance, St. Nicholas Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
12th Central Ballroom, Aldershot. (with Mike Berry)
13th Alton Foundry, Papermill Lane, Alton.
17th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
18th Chiddingfold Village Hall, Chiddingfold.
19th Angel Club, Godalming, Surrey.
24th North Street Congregational Hall, Guildford.
25th private party. Prince of Wales, Fleet.
30th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
May: 1st Star & Garter, Windsor, Berkshire.(with Memphis Slim).
2nd Petersfield Town Hall.
5th Conservative Hall, Guildford St., Chertsey.
7th Angel Hotel, Godalming.
8th Churt Village Hall.
15th Cave Secondary Modern School.
16th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
17th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
22nd Grayshott Village Hall
23rd “Nod & Shake” at Egham Literary Institute.
24th Ricky Tick Club, Barry Ave., Windsor.
28th Central Ballroom, Aldershot.
30th Godalming & Farncombe Youth Clubs
31st Ricky Tick, Windsor.
June: 4th Godalming Youth club
5th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
6th Haslemere Town Hall.
7th Addlestone
13th Godalming Youth club.
20th “Nod & Shake” at Egham Hyde Social Club.
21st New Club, Windsor.
25th Godalming Youth club.
27th Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
28th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
July: 2nd Art School party, Stoke Hotel, Guildford.
4th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey (with Paramounts)
10th Farnborough Technical College.
11th Ricky Tick club, Windsor (with John Lee Hooker)
Peter ‘Greg’ Macgregor (tenor sax) joined to expand the
Stormsville Shakers to a six-piece line-up.

14th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.*
15th (“Go ahead Generation – Number one group” published in the Surrey Advertiser.)
18th Orpington Civic Hall.
19th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
21st Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
24th Stoke Hill Congregational church hall
25th Egham Literary Institute, Egham
26th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
29th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
August: 1st Egham, Hythe Social Centre.
2nd Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
3rd private party
5th “Stamp and Bash” at the Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
8th Petersfield Town Hall.
9th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
10th Recording at Central Sounds, Denmark St. London W1.
12th (“An insight into British rhythm and blues” published in the
Surrey Advertiser newspaper.)*
12th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
Mick Douglas (guitar) temporary replacement for Ivor Shackleton
14th Attic club, Hounslow.
15th “Twist ‘n’ Shake” at the Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey (with Dave Curtiss and the Tremors)
16th Ricky Tick Club, Barry Ave., Windsor.
18th Recording at Central Sounds, Denmark St. London W1.
19th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
21st Fender Club, Churchill Hall, Harrow.
22nd American Airbase, High Wycombe.
23rd Ricky Tick club, Windsor (with Mose Allison)
25th Klooks Kleek, Railway Hotel, London NW6 (with Memphis Slim)
26th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
29th The 234 Rhythm and Blues Club, Brittania Hotel, Barking, Essex
30th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
September: Peter “Greg” Macgregor leaves the Stormsvilles replaced
Temporarily by Geoff Cooke from New Southgate, North London
2nd Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
3rd Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
26th Flamingo Club, London W1.
27th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
30th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
October: 1st Rag Ball, RAE Assembly Hall, Farnborough Technical College
(with The Art Woods, and The Moquettes)
2nd Chiddingfold Village Hall
3rd Savoy Ballroom, Catford, London SE6
4th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
5th The Mojo Club, Burns Greaves Road,
Sheffield, Yorkshire. (run by Peter Stringfellow)
8th Atlanta Ballroom, Woking, Surrey.
9th “The Place”, Bryan St., Hanley, Stoke on Trent.
10th The Kiosk Ballroom, Castleford, Yorkshire.
11th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
12th Ricky Tick club, Windsor. (with Bill Haley)
15th Locarno Ballroom, Swindon, Wilts.
16th Silver Baldes ice Rink, Steatham High Rd., London SW6
17th Flamingo, London
20th High Wycombe Town Hall
21st Repton Boys Club, Bethnal Green, London E2.
24th The Ballito Hosery Canteen Ballroom, St. Albans.
25th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
30th Norwich
31st All Saints Hall, Whetstone, London N20.
November: 1st Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
5th The Breaks Youth club, Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
6th Il Rondo Ballroom, Silver St., Leicester.
7th Witch Doctor Club, Marine Court, St.Leonards, Hastings.
9th The Woodhall Community Centre, Cole Green Lane,
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
11th Wolsey Hall, Cheshunt.
13th Canada Villa Youth club, Mill Hill, London NW7
14th Lyonsdown Hall, Lyonsdown Rd., New Barnett, Herts.
15th Ricky Tick club, Windsor. (with Jimmy Reed)
18th Crawdaddy, The Star, London Rd., Croydon, Surrey.
20th Pill Social Centre, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.
21st Trade Union Hall, Watford. Also
Club Norek, Seven Sisters Rd, Tottenham( at midnight)
22nd Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
27th California Ballroom, Dunstable, Nr. Luton, Beds.
29th Blue Moon Club, Hayes.
December: 1st Oddfellows Hall, Watford.
5th Chelsea Arts College, London
6th Wandsworth, London.
11th The Mojo Club, Sheffield (Peter Stringfellows’ club)

12th “ “ “ “
13th “ “ “ “
14th “ “ “ “
15th The Whisky A Gogo Club, Newcastle.*
16th “ “ “ “ “ “
17th Scotland
18th Victoria Hall, Selkirk, Scotland.
19th The Drill Hall, Dumfries, Scotland.
20th The New Hall, Newton Grange, Scotland.
23rd Recording at the Marquee Studios (with Georgio Gomelski)
Flamingo Club, London W1.(with Zoot Money”)
24th Rainbow Club, Acre Hall, Pinner Rd., Northwood Hills,
Stanley Esson, Middlesex.
27th Southall Community Centre.
29th Ready Steady Go Club, St. Georges Hall, Biggleswade.
30th Flamingo Club, London W1.
31st Ricky Tick club, Barry Ave., Windsor (with Georgie Fame)
Radio broadcast live “New Year Revels” BBC Light programme

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January: 1st The Fishmongers Arms, Wood Green, London
2nd California Ballroom, Whipsnade Rd, Dunstable, Beds.
3rd Ricky Tick club, Barry Ave., Windsor.
5th Oddfellows Hall, St. Albanns Rd., Watford.
6th Recording IBC Studios, Portland Place, London W1
also Marquee Club, Wardour St., London W1.
7th Olympia, Reading (with The Animals)
8th Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey.
9th Reading University.
10th Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
15th Waterfront Club, Southampton.
16th Studio Club, Station Rd., Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend.
17th The Trend, Colchester.
23rd Basingstoke
24th The Crawdaddy, Richmond, Surrey.
25th Hermitage Hall, Hitchin, Herts.
27th Flamingo Club, London W1.
28th Oympia Ballroom, Reading
29th The Scene Club, Ham Yard, London W1.
30th Trade Union Hall, Watford
31st Riverside Club, The Cricketers Hotel, Chertsey.
February: 3rd Ricky Tick club, Windsor.
5th Florida Rooms, Brighton, Sussex.
6th The Place, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.
9th Corn Exchange, Corn St., Bristol.
10th Ricky Tick club, Windsor (with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins)
David Sherrington and Tony Hurley replace Geoff
Cooke and Steve Howard on tenor saxes
12th Farnborough Technical College (with Screamin’ Lord Sutch)
14th Crawley Civic Hall.
16th Reading Charity Dance. (with Paramounts & The Escorts)
18th Whisky A-Gogo, Newcastle.
19th “ “ “ “
20th “ “ “ “
21st Mojo Club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
22nd The Cavern Club, Liverpool. (mid-day session)
23rd Plaza Ballroom, Guildford.
25th Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
(“Phil and the Shakers back in town” published in the Surrey Advertiser newspaper.)
27th Flamingo Club, London W1.
March: 1st Recording Regent Sound Studios, London
2nd Trade Union Hall, Church St., Luton.
3rd Sussex University, Brighton.
4th Olympia Ballroom, Raeding (with The Moody Blues)
5th Flamingo Club, London
also Allnighter Club, London
6th Bristol University.
7th The Riverside Club, Chertsey.
10th Il Rondo, Leicester.
12th Trentham Gardens, Trentham
13th The Crazy Elephant, Birmingham.
14th The Mojo Club, Sheffield.
16th The Hen & Chicken, Birmingham.
18th Harlow Youth club, Mark Hall, Harlow.
20th The Ealing Club, Ealing Broadway.
25th Olympia Ballroom, Reading (with Nashville Teens)
26th The Corporation Hotel, Derby.
Also Flamingo Club, London.
27th Waterfront Club, Southampton.
28th The Mojo Club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
30th St. Joseph’s Hall, Basingstoke.
31st Merrow Village Hall, (with the Smokestakks) Guildford, Surrey.
April: 2nd Plaza Ballroom, Guildford, Surrey (with Larry Williams)
3rd The Twisted Wheel Club, Manchester (with Larry Williams)
4th The Witch Doctor Club, Hastings.
5th Recording L.P. with Larry Williams at Decca Recording Studios.
6th Recording L.P.with Larry Williams at Marquee Studios, London
9th Glenlyn Ballroom, Forest Hill, London.
10th Kokomo Club, 84, Copesworth Rd., Gateshead.
19th Oddfellows Hall, Kingston Rd., Portsmouth (with Ronnie Jones)
21st Flamingo & Allnighter Club, Wardour St., London (with Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds)
22nd Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
23rd Lynx Club, Boreham Wood, Herts.
24th the Mojo Club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
25th Flamingo Club, London
26th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
28th Sheffield University. (with Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers)
30th The Whisky Agogo – Newcastle.

May: 1st “ “ “ “
2nd Kirk Levington Country Club, Nr. Yarm, Yorkshire.
6th Waterfront Club, Southampton.
7th The Scotch club, Mason’s Yard, London W1.
8th Flamingo/Allnighter Club, London.
9th Flamingo Club, London
14th The Scotch Club, London.
15th “ “ “ “
18th Recording at Regent Sound Studios, London (“Long live love” and “I’ll do the best I can” with Chris Andrews)
22nd Flamingo Club, London.
24th Harvest Moon club, Guildford, Surrey.
26th Flamingo Club, London.
27th Wilton Ballroom, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
29th Flamingo Club, London.
June: 2nd Flamingo Club, London.
5th Merrow Village Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
6th Flamingo Club, London
7th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
11th “ “ “ “ “
12th Flamingo & All Nighter clubs, London.
15th Sussex University, Brighton.
18th Brittania Rowing Club, Nottingham.
19th Le Disc Ago-go, Bournemouth.
21st Harvest Moon club, Guildford, Surrey.
23rd Recording Regent Sound Studio, London. (“Do what you wanna do” and “There you go”)
24th Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage.
25th Il Rondo, Silver St., Liecester.
26th Rendezvous Club, Oddfellows Hall,
Kingston Rd, Portsmouth.
28th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey
July: 3rd Jazz Cellar, Kingston-on-Thames.
4th “Rhapsody at Racks”, Promotion at Racks Close, Guildford (with Graham Bond, The Herd, Geno Washington & the Ramjam Band) (“Concert was a novel idea – but support was lacking” review from the Surrey Advertiser newspaper)
7th Le Disc Ago-go, Bournemouth.
10th Flamingo Club, London
11th Flamingo Club, London
17th Taunton School, Highfield, Southampton.
August; 2nd Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
4th Recording at Rayrick studios, Chalk Farm, London NW1.
6th The Cromwellian Club, London.
7th The Studio Club, Westcliffe on Sea.
8th Flamingo Club, London.
13th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
14th Flamingo Club, London
also The Cromwellian Club, London.
15th Flamingo Club, London
20th Pierhead Ballroom, Shanklin, Isle of Wight.
21st Egham Hythe Social Centre, Egham, Surrey.
28th Dungeon Club, Stamford St., Nottingham.
30th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
September: 2nd The Cromwellian Club, London
3rd Ricky Tick Club, Windsor.
8th The Cromwellian Club, London.
10th The Flamingo Club, London
11th the Cromwellian Club, London.
12th Plaza Ballroom, Newbury.
13th Recording at Rayrick Studios
15th Recording at Advision Studios (“It’s a lie”)
16th The Cromwellian Club, London
17th Flamingo & AllNighter clubs, London
18th Studio Club, Westcliffe on Sea.
24th Oddfellows Hall, Watford.
25th The Cromwellian club, London.
26th Stereo Club, Co-op Hall, Woking, Surrey.
27th Recording at Advision studios
30th “ “ “ “
October: 1st “ “ “ “
Also The Cromwellian Club, London.
2nd Chelsea Art College.
3rd Blazes Club, London.
7th The Cromwellian club, London.
8th Penthouse Club, Bromley, Kent.
9th Flamingo Club, London.
10th Brittania Rowing Club, Nottingham.
13th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford, Surrey.
14th “ “ “ “ “
15th National College of Food Technology,
St. Georges Ave., Weybridge.
16th El Perdido Club.
22nd Kingsway College of Further Education, London WC2
23rd Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
26th Harvest Moon Club, Guildford.
28th “ “ “
30th St. Matthews Baths, Ipswich,
Ian Jelfs (guitar) replaces Ivor Shackleton about this time.
November: 12th Whisky Ago-go, Newcastle.
13th Sheffield University
also Mojo Club allnighter, Sheffield.
19th Sutton
20th Penthouse Club, Bromley.
26th Skerne Park Hotel, Darlington.
27th Studio Club, Westcliffe on Sea.
28th Kirk Levington, Yorkshire.
December: 3rd Harvest Moon club, Guildford (with the Primevals)
4th Nottingham University.
5th Bedford
10th College for Further Education, Liecester.
11th Dungeon Club, Nottingham
12th Sunshine Ballroom, Dereham, Nr, Norwich.
15th Eel Pie Island
16th Portsmouth
17th Sutton
18th La Locomotive, Paris
19th La Locomotive, Paris
23rd Recording at R.G. Jones Studio, Morden, Surrey.
(“Number one” and “There you go”)

24th Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
26th Kirk Levington, Yorkshire
27th Middlesborough
31st Beachcomber Club, Nottingham

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January 1st Mojo club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
3rd Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey. (“There you go”)
7th Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey. (“Number one”)
8th 2.30pm Wedding reception – Bellfield Youth club, Guildford
Evening: Zambesi Club, Hounslow.
9th Jig Saw club, Manchester
14th College of Food Technology, Weybridge.
15th Mojo club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
16th Chuck Wagon club, Leatherhead, Surrey
20th City of London College, Moorgate, London EC2.
22nd Glenlyn ballroom, Forest Hill, London
23rd Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
29th Flamingo and Allnighter club, Wardour St., London W1.
February 1st Birdland club, St. James, London
4th Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey. (“I’ll do the best I can” & “Gonna put some hurt on you”)
5th Louth, Lincolnshire
9th Sutton
11th Hornsey
12th Regent Street Polytechnic, London.
13th Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
14th Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey
16th Birdland club, St. James, London
17th Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey* (“Gonna put some hurt on you” with the Marionettes vocal group and Gus Galbraith – trumpet.”)
18th Borough Road college, Isleworth.
19th Paris - 5-5.30pm The Weekend club, Rue de la gaite, a cote “Bobine”
11.30 – 12pm Locomotive club
20th Paris - 1am-1.45am Weekend club (Recorded) (“Everything’s gonna be alright”, “Turn on your lovelight”
“Have you ever had the blues” and “I got you”)*
3.15-3.45pm Sims club
4.40-5pm Sims club
6.30-7pm Locomotive club
21st Paris - Palladium club
22nd Paris - Poparama club and television.
23rd Paris - Top Ten club
24th Paris - 5-6pm Top Ten club
11-11.30pm New Palladium club.
25th Paris - 1am-1.45am New Palladium club.
Private party - Napoleon Restaurant-all night
26th Nantes (4 performances)
27th Nantes 2.30pm
March. 1st Paris - Private party until 2am
2nd Paris - Top Ten club mid-day
La Plantation club evening
3rd Paris - Top Ten club 4.30-5.30pm
4th Paris - Whisky Ago-go 12.30am
Potel, Etoile. 4.30pm
5th Paris - Le Club 4-4.30pm
Weekend Club 6-6.25pm
Weekend Club 6.45-7.15pm
Locomotive Club 9pm
Top Ten Club 10.30pm
6th Les Chateaux 3pm-5pm
9th Recording at Rayrick studios (“The bear”)
11th Recording at Advision studios, London (“Gonna put some hurt on you”)
14th Recording at Advision studios, London (“Gonna put some hurt on you”)
16th Paris - 10.15-11.15pm Top Ten Club
11.30pm La Plantation.
17th Paris - Top Ten Club 3.30pm-7pm
19th Paris - Country Club.
20th Paris - Club Trianon, 20 Avenue de Clichy, Paris 18.
21st Paris - Club des Champs D’ Elysee.
23rd Paris - Top Ten Club.
Plantation Club
24th Top Ten Club 3.30pm-7pm
Keur Samba Club 11.30pm – 4am
26th Marseilles - Club L’Omnibus
27th “ - “ “
30th Paris - Plantation Club.
31st Paris - Top Ten Club.
April 1st Paris - Palladium Club 9pm
(“Phil helps to take Paris by storm” published in the Surrey Advertiser)
2nd Paris - Jumbo Club.
Palladium Club 9pm-5am
3rd Paris - Palladium Club 3-6pm
“ “ 10pm-4am
4th Paris - Palladium Club 10pm-3.30am
5th Paris - Palladium Club
6th Paris - Palladium Club
7th Paris - Palladium Club
8th Paris -Palladium Club
9th Paris - Palladium Club
10th Paris - Palladium Club 3-6.30pm

“ “ 10pm-4am
11th Paris - Palladium Club
12th Paris - Recording with Claude Bollins 2-5pm (“The Society for the protection of love”, “Getting’ ready”
and “Number one”)

Palladium Club 10pm-4am
13th Paris - Palladium Club
14th Paris - Palladium Club
15th Paris - Palladium Club
16th Paris - Palladium Club
17th Paris - Palladium Club 3-6.30pm
18th Paris - Palladium Club 3-5pm
19th Paris - Palladium Club.
20th Paris - Palladium Club.
21st Paris - Palladium Club.
22nd Paris - Palladium Club.
23rd Paris - Palladium Club .
24th Paris - Palladium Club 3-6.30pm
25th Paris - Palladium Club
26th Paris - Palladium Club
27th Paris - Palladium Club.
28th Paris - Palladium Club (with Spencer Davis Group)
29th Paris - Palladium Club
30th Paris - Palladium Club
May 1st Paris - Palladium Club 3-6.30pm
2nd Recording 11am-6pm
3rd Recording midnight- 6am
6th “Gonna put some hurt on you” backed with “It’s a lie” released Parlophone Records R5448.
7th University, Sheffield
8th Flamingo Club, London W1. ( Gonna put some Hurt on you ...Hits the Charts )
Peter ‘Greg’ Macgregor leaves the Stormsville Shakers!
13th Beaconsfield Youth Club.
14th El Grotte Club, Ilford.
15th Top Rank, West End Ballroom, Birmingham.
16th PG-T signs publishing contract with Dick James Music
16th Engaging Tony Brainsby as Publicist

Mel Collins (sax) joins the Stormsville Shakers.

19th Concord Club, Southampton
20th Bore-on-wood, Essex.
21st “I’m gonna put some hurt on you” enters Melody Maker Pop 50 chart
21st Flamingo Club, London W1.
22nd Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
23rd Paris-Recording (“L’amour se lisait dans ses yeux”)
24th Paris-Recording (“Number one”)

27th Sutton
28th Winchester P.A. 11am
Marquee Club, London W1 3pm
Ram Jam Club, Brixton, London 11pm
29th "Morcombe, Winter Gardens with The WHO".

June 4th “I’m gonna put some hurt on you” reaches No.40 in Melody Maker Pop 50 chart
4th Cromford, Nr. Matlock, Derbyshire
Burlesque Club, Leicester.
6th Dungeon Club, Nottingham (with The Drifters)
7th The Hut, Dorking, Surrey.
11th Mojo Club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
12th Liecester

14th Civic Hall, Grays, Essex
17th Chistlehurst Caves, Kent
18th Swaddlingcote, Burton-on-Trent.
19th Tavern Club, Dereham.
20th Star Hotel, Croydon.
24th St. Albans.
25th Glenlyn Ballroom, Forest Hill, London.
26th Mojo Club, Sheffield (run by Peter Stringfellow)
30th David Sherington and the ‘truculent’ B.R. policeman:(“’Truculent’ B.R. policeman – court story” from the Surrey Advertiser newspaper).
July 1st Wooten House, Isley, Oxford.
2nd Hitchin College of Further Education.
3rd The Place, Stoke-on-Trent
4th Corringham Youth Club, Essex.
7th Arts & Crafts, Hull, Yorkshire.
8th Eel Pie Island
10th Kirk Levington.
15th Recording at R.G. Jones studio Morden, Surrey (“No problem”, “What more do you want”, “Where were you”)
16th Boston, Lincs.
17th Nottingham
19th Southsea
22nd Ram Jam Club, Brixton, London (with Rufus Thomas)
24th The Place, Stoke-on-Trent
30th Folkestone
31st York.
August. 1st “No problem” song assigned to Dick James Music.
2nd Recording at R.G. Jones studio Morden, Surrey (“No problem”)
4th Whisky Ago-go Club, Newcastle.
6th Stamford.
7th Flamingo Club, London W1.
10th Norwich
11th Gosport, Hants.
12th Rugby.
13th Corn Exchange, Maidstone, Kent.
14th Stoke Hotel, Guildford, Surrey.
(“The hole opens” published in the Surrey Advertiser newspaper)
20th Casino Ballroom, Toggs Island, Hampton.
21st Beachcomber Club, Nottingham
26th “No Problem” backed with “What more do you want” released on Parlophone Records R5498
27th Royal Lincs Pavillion, Cromer.
28th Locarno ballroom, Sheffield.
31st Le Disc Ago-go, Bournemouth.
September 2nd Beachcomber Club, Nottingham
3rd Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey.
4th Newbury.
8th The Place, Stoke-on-Trent.
10th The New Yorker Discotheque, Swindon.
11th 2B’s Club, Ashford, Kent
13th Concord Club, Southampton.
14th Tiles Club.
17th Paul Demers married Christine. St.John’s Church, Merrow.
17th Carousel Club, Farnborough
Marquee Club, London
18th Le Disc Ago-go, Bournemouth
20th Civic Hall, Grays, Essex.
21st Eel Pie Island.
24th Harpenden Public Hall
27th Meeting producer Roy Pitt, London
29th Whisky Ago-go, Newcastle
October 1st Disc Club, Colchester.
2nd Stoke Hotel, Guildford, Surrey
3rd Corringham Youth Club, Essex.
7th Windsor Lane Bowl, Windsor Lane, Burnham, Nr. Slough.
8th University, Sheffield. (with The Foremost)*
11th Recording at Maximum Sound studios, London with Roy Pitt (“You can’t take love”)
12th ditto

13th Gosport, Hants.
14th Oxford.
15th ABC Dances, Cranleigh Village Hall, Surrey.
16th Brittania club, Nottingham.
18th Recording at R.G. Jones studio, Morden
(“J.C. Greaseburger”)
19th Recording with Roy Pitt at Maximum Sound studios (with The Carols backing group on “You can’t take love”)
21st Paris – Le Bus Palladium
22nd Paris – Weekend Club
23rd 30miles outside Paris – the Fish Club
28th Lyons, France
29th Eden-Ranch, Lens, France
30th Lens, France
31st High Wycombe College.
November 2nd Recording with Roy Pitt at Maximum Sound studios
3rd Marquee Club, London W1.
5th 2B’s Club, Ashford, Kent.
6th Stoke Hole, Guildford, Surrey.
7th The Carlton, Warrington
8th Recording at Maximum Sound studios, London.
10th Sheffield
11th Midnight City, Birmingham
12th Royal Lincs Pavillion, Cromer.
17th El Metro, Birmingham
18th The Scene Club, Cardiff.
19th Exeter University
22nd The Place, Stoke-on-Trent.
25th Recording at R.G. Jones studio Morden, Surrey.
28th Youth Club, Corringham, Essex
December 2nd “You can’t take love” backed with “J.C.Greaseburger” released on Parlophone Records R5547
“Various Artistes” – “I’m gonna put some hurt on you” included on a compilation album. Columbia SX6062.

3rd Swindon
4th Norwich
9th Sussex University, Brighton.
10th Witch Doctor Club, Hastings.
11th Stoke Hotel, Guildford, Surrey
12th Marquee Club, London W1.
14th Sudbury, Suffolk.
15th Beverley Road Baths, Hull, Yorkshire.
16th Chichester Hall, Witley.
17th Witch Doctor Club, Catford, London
19th Grammar School, Godalming, Surrey.
24th Isle of Wight
26th Warrington, Lancs.
27th The Place, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent
29th Gosport, Hants.
30th The Scene Club, Cardiff.
31st Rugby.

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January 6th The Elbow Room, Birmingham
7th 2B’s club, Ashford.
8th Carlton, Warrington
13th High Wycombe
14th Coventry
15th Bournemouth
19th Penzance
20th Penzance
21st Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey
28th Bradford
30th Recording at R.G. Jones studio Morden, Surrey (“The society for the protection of love”)
31st Grays.
February The Official Phillip Goodhand-Tait & the Stormsville Shakers Fan Club newsletter
4th Catford
7th The Dungeon Club, Nottingham
9th Swindon
10th Tunbridge Wells
11th Sunderland
14th Wood Green.
16th 65 Beat Club, Woolpack Inn, Union St. Rugby.
17th Grammar School, High Wycombe
18th Matlock
19th Boat Club, Nottingham
20th Marquee Club, Wardour St. London W1
23rd Liverpool
25th Oxford
26th Redhill
March 2nd Belfast, Northern Ireland
3rd Belfast, Northern Ireland
4th Belfast, Northern Ireland
5th Belfast, Northern Ireland
6th Belfast, Northern Ireland
10th Rolle College, Exmouth, South Devon
11th University, Southampton.
13th The Marquee Club, London
16th Huddersfield
17th Nottingham
18th Liphook
21st Oxford
25th Cranleigh
Tiles club all nighter.
27th Lyme Regis
28th Darlington, Durham
30th Recording at CTS studio (“One and one is two” and “There you go”)
31st Northwich, Cheshire
April. The Official Phillip Goodhand-Tait & the Stormsville Shakers Fan Club newsletter.
1st Witch Doctor Club, Catford, London.
2nd Taunton, Somerset.
4th Recording at R.G.Jones studio Morden, Surrey
7th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
8th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
9th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
10th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
13th Rugby
14th The Stoke Hotel, Guildford, Surrey.
(“New name for the Shakers?” from the Surrey Advertiser
15th the Royal York Hotel, Ryde, Isle of Wight
16th Chertsey
18th Recording at IBC studios London
(Letter from Christopher Cassap printed in the Record Mirror)
23rd Plymouth
28th Youth Club, Stanford Le Hope.
29th Petersfield Town Hall.
30th Slough
May 1st 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
2nd The Angel, Godalming, Surrey
6th – 16th Paris & Lens, France.
17th Recording at City of London Recording studios
(“Sink or swim” and “Gone are the songs of yesterday”)

20th Blue Laggod Ballroom, Newquay
21st Wooden Bridge, Guildford, Surrey.
26th Bridge Hotel, Wheatley, Oxford
27th The Queens Hall, Watton, Nr. Swaffham, Norfolk.
28th Klue –J Klub, Saracens Head Hotel, Chelmsford.
29th 100 Club, Oxford Street, London
June 2nd Garden Club, King Street, London WC2
3rd Assembly Rooms, Alton, Hampshire.
4th Saville Theatre, London (with Jimi Hendrix and the Bee Gees)
9th Club Maryland, 5 Scott Street, Glasgow C2
10th Glasgow, Scotland
11th Carlton Ballroom, Warrington
17th Witch Doctor Club, Hastings
18th Dolphin Hotel, Maidenhead.
22nd Dancing Slipper Ballroom, Central Avenue, West Bridgeford,
23rd Earnshaw hall, Sheffield University.
24th Guildford
25th The Swan, Yardley, Birmingham
28th Sheffield University
29th Chiswick
30th Adelphi Ballroom, West Bromich
the Elbow Room, Birmingham
July The Official Phillip Goodhand-Tait & the Stormsville Shakers Fan Club newsletter
1st Town Hall, Clacton-on-Sea
2nd Embassy Suite, Balkerne Lane, Colchester.
3rd Carlton Club, Warrington
5th Headland Pavilion, Bude, Cornwall.
7th Eastcote
8th The Lincs Ballroom, Cromer
9th Cricketers Inn, Chertsey
15th afternoon: Godalming Grammar School,
evening:Stoke Hotel, Guildford
(“Can Guildford do for the Stormsville Shakers what Liverpool did for the Beatles?” –published in the Surrey Advertiser newspaper.)
21st Stoke Hotel, Guildford
22nd The Tavern Club, East Dereham, Norfolk.
24th 100 Club, Oxford Street, London.
26th Youth centre, Godalming, Surrey
28th Ostend, Belgium
August mid-month: Switzerland on route to Italy

15th Piper Club, Via Tagliamento 9, Rome
21st Piper Club, Viareggio, Italy*
29th Rome - Recorded a scene playing “You got me humming” in an Italian film titled “Main City”
September The Official Circus Fan Club newsletter.
8th The White Lion, Edgeware
“Gone are the songs of Yesterday” backed with “Sink or swim” released by Circus on Parlophone Records R5633
9th Civic Hall, Guildford
14th Jazz Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
15th The Electric Honeypot, Hamilton Road, Bangor, Co. Down,
Northern Ireland
16th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
17th St, Gabriels, Belfast, N.Ireland
18th Club Rado, Belfast, N.Ireland
19th Embassy Ballroom, Londonderry.
20th Belfast, Northern Ireland
(“Shakers become Circus” – Belfast newspaper)
21st Belfast, Northern Ireland
22nd Gourock, Scotland
23rd Hawick, Scotland
24th Bathgate, Scotland
25th Kirkintilloch, Scotland
28th Recording at Dick James studio London (“Love was in her eyes”, “Where shall we go”, and “A day without love”)
29th College of Education, Edgebaston, Birmingham.
30th Witch Doctor club, Catford
6th Oxford
7th Teachers Training College, Coventry
8th Carlton Club, Warrington
13th Stoke
14th Bradford
20th Bristol
21st Lincs Ballroom, Cromer
22nd Coventry
27th Salisbury
28th Guildford
November 3rd College High Wycombe
4th Kingston Technical College, Surrey
8th Recording at EMI studios London (“House of wood” and “Do you dream”)
11th Birmingham
15th Recording at EMI studios, London
18th Canterbury
22nd Romano’s Ballroom, Belfast (with the Foundations)
23rd Belfast, Northern Ireland
24th Belfast, Northern Ireland
25th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
26th Club Rado, Belfast, Northern Ireland
29th Astor Ballroom, Belfast, Northern Ireland
December 2nd Alton, Hampshire
8th Hitchin.
15th Samantha’s club, London
17th the Dungeon, Nottingham
18th Godalming, Surrey
21st R.A.F. Hospital, Ely, Cambridgeshire
23rd Stoke Hotel, Guildford, Surrey
30th Gloucester.

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January 2nd Recording at R.G.Jones studio, Morden, Surrey.
6th The Speakeasy Club, Margaret St., London.
10th Grays
13th Falmouth
19th (“Mark is off to New Zealand” reporter from the Surrey Advertiser instrumental to band success leaves U.K. – from the Surrey Advertiser.)
20th East Derham, Norfolk.
27th Marquee Club, London
February (“New group hold top for second week” – review from Melody Maker)
2nd R.U.F.C., Victory Club, Sheffield
3rd ABC Dances, Town Hall, Petersfield
10th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey.
16th Middlesex.
23rd Leeds University
24th Sunderland Technical College, The Green.
March 1st Pantiles
2nd the Market Hall, Haverford West.
8th “Do you dream/House of wood” by Circus released on Parlophone Records R5672
(“Circus hope for a winner” newspaper review)
(“Circus ask ‘Do you dream?’” from the Surrey Advertiser.)
(“The Circus want to be a hit or quit” from The Aldershot News)
9th Hermitage Hall, Hitchen.
15th Bristol University.
16th Leeds University.
19th Recording at R.G.Jones, Morden, Surrey.
20th ditto
21st ditto
23rd Market Hall, Redhill.
31st Peterlee Jazz Club.
April 3rd Recording at R.G.Jones, Morden, Surrey.
6th Agincourt Ballroom, Camberley.
9th Speakeasy Club, Margaret St., London.
13th Lincs Ballroom, Cromer.
20th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey (with Strange Brew)
23rd Recording at BBC 7 – 10.30pm
24th Broadcast on John Peels Show
26th Loughborough University
30th Recording at R.G.Jones studio, Morden, Surrey.
May 3rd Hull University, Cottingham Road. (with the WHO)
4th Lanchester College, Coventry.
6th Civic Hall, Guildford, Surrey
10th Lake Hall, The Vale Site, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham.
11th Worcester College of Education.
20th Marquee Club, Wardour St., London
24th Pantiles
25th Liverpool College.
31st Industrial Club, Norwich.
June 1st Leeds University.
3rd Supreme Ballroom, Ramsgate.
5th Photo session “Circus”
7th Rugby
8th Grayshott Village Hall.
13th Den of the Gods, Brasenose St., Manchester
14th Coventry Art College.
15th Ryde, Isle of Wight.
19th recording at R.G. Jones, studio Morden, Surrey
20th Skyline Ballroom, Hull.
21st Anchor Inn, Godalming, Surrey
22nd Watford
26th Garnet College, Downshire House, Roehampton Lane,
London SW15
28th Revolution Club, London
29th Royal Lido Ballroom, Prestatyn, Wales.
July 5th Rugby Town F.C., Bilton Rd., Rugby.
6th Top Spot Ballroom, Ross on Wye, Hereford.
12th Pantiles.
16th Atlanta Ballroom, Woking, Surrey.
19th Haverford West, Wales.
20th Alleyn Athletic Boys Club, Burbage Road,
Herne Hill, London SE24.
27th Market Hall, Haverford West, Wales.
August 1st Newcastle University
3rd Toffs, Folkestone.
10th Hatchets Club, London
17th Wolverhampton.
23rd Electric Garden, Glasgow, Scotland.
24th Electric Garden, Glasgow, Scotland.
25th Le Metro, Birmingham
27th Recording at R.G.Jones, Morden, Surrey.
30th Pantiles
31st Corn Exchange, Kings Lynne.
September 16th Hatchets, London
28th Birmingham University.
October 4th University of Wales Institute of Science & Technology,
Cathays Park, Cardiff, Wales.
5th London School of Economics, Houghton St., London WC2.
11th College of St. Matias, Fishpond, Bristol
12th Newcastle.
19th University of Essex, Colchester, Essex.
24th Bag o’ Nails Club, London (with Cliff Bennett)
26th Glasgow.
29th Ilford
November 2nd Salisbury
10th PG-T records at Decca studios, Embankment, London “Love has got hold of me”, & “Only too pleased to help”
December (“Good morning croaked Steve Ellis” – PG-T gets recognition as songwriter for The Love Affair – Record Mirror)

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January 1st Phillip Goodhand-Tait leaves Circus to start a solo career.
2nd PG-T Launch at Café Royal, London
10th First Phillip Goodhand-Tait solo record “Love has got hold of me” backed with “Only too pleased to help”released on Decca Records Decca F12868.
February 7th Love Affair release “One Road”, a PG-T song on CBS3994
23rd Circus at LSE Benefit Concert (with The Who)
April 19th “One Road” no.19 in Melody Maker charts/no.18 in NME
May “The Paragon Agency” representing Circus

Ian Jelfs
14th Circus at Marquee Club, Wardour St., London
July 29th Circus at Marquee Club, Wardour St., London
August 20th Circus at Marquee Club, Wardour St., London
September 17th Circus at Marquee Club, Wardour St., London

26th Circus L.P. released on Transatlantic Records. TRA 207

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